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Welcome to Key Choice

Consumers have choices when it comes to collision repair. That’s where Key Choice comes in! To better understand what we offer our members, let’s look at how “key” and “choice” are defined:

Key: of paramount or crucial importance.
Choice: an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

Key Choice Collision Centers offer consumers the best “choice” when making this “key” decision. This dedicated group of collision repairers developed this network to be a stronger industry force together, and created a process to challenge their previous standards and protocols. Our members agree: being part of Key Choice has changed the course of their businesses for the better.

Key Choice Collision Centers are committed to providing consumers with safe and proper repairs. To ensure that our members meet this standard, as well as the challenges of new automotive technology and materials, we focus on advanced training and equipment.

Key Choice customers are met with professionalism, courtesy, and an understanding of how their automobile is going to be repaired. When our customers pick up their vehicles, they receive a quality commitment and a lifetime warranty from the member store, a standard that sets Key Choice and its members apart in the industry.

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We realize you might have several questions regarding a Key Choice membership. We hope you find our most Frequently Asked Questions helpful in considering whether Key Choice is right for you.

What positive results have members found after joining Key Choice?

Members have found their auto body shop experienced the following tangible results:

What tools or resources are provided to members for their benefit?

When you become a member, you have the power of the group. This means you have purchasing power to buy products and equipment in bulk. We also have many resources available to us through Sherwin-Williams® Automotive. These resources include:

What knowledge do you share with each other as members of Key Choice?

As members, we all benefit from each other’s knowledge and experiences. We communicate back and forth about problems and find resolutions to fix them. Sometimes, from communicating about our problems, we discover what training is needed for technicians. We are extremely proactive when it comes to learning from one another. For instance, we will visit other members’ shops to learn about their processes and how we can implement them at our own facility.

How will joining Key Choice benefit an individual shop?

We are known for improving technician skills, increasing production, reducing cycle time and improving and increasing a shop’s profits. All Key Choice members are extremely efficient. Every members’ sales have grown, and our net profits have increased, our technicians have become more efficient, and our product usage as a percent of sales has decreased.

What will be expected of me as a Key Choice member?

We expect our members to be proactive, willing to accept change on a daily basis and be patient during the process of transformation for your shop. Members must also prepare their staff for the inevitable change to their production processes by educating them on the benefits.

What are the advantages of joining Key Choice over a larger similar group?

Key Choice is your support group when you become a member. We want your shop to succeed and increase their profits. We do not require you to give back a percentage of your profits, unlike many larger groups. Key Choice partners with manufacturers who have the same vision and goals, such as Sherwin Williams® and 3M™.

How do I become a member of Key Choice?

All interested applicants should complete a Guest Profile where you will request a time to be contacted and both parties will be able to address all of their questions. Shop visits are possible.


What our members have to say:

“Three years ago, our collision center was in in need of some attention. Our quality was great, but our volume and cycle time were not where they needed to be. Our inability to get cars done in a reasonable time had an immense negative impact on our customer satisfaction as well. Two and a half years ago, we began working with the people from Key Choice, and it has proven to be one of the best business relationships I have ever had. Our customer satisfaction consistently runs over 95 percent, our cycle time is in the top 10 percent of the industry, our volume has increased 62 percent in the last 2 years. Key Choice has given us great purchasing power, but more importantly incredible paint manufacturer support. The greatest advantage I have found with the Key Choice people is having access to the leaders of some of the highest-performing collision centers in the country. This has truly been a win-win-win relationship.”

-Key Choice Member

Group purchasing is only the first step to improving profit by cost reduction; dollars saved through better purchasing flow straight to the bottom line,” says John Magowan, Vice President of Ernie’s Auto Body, a Key Choice member, in describing the organization as a group of exceptional shop owners and managers pursuing the latest knowledge, advanced analytical tools and the advantages of group participation with a key focus on innovation. “A few of us have studied the lean format and made many changes within our shops,” he says. “I have a quote I’ve used for years, and I use it when training about lean processes: ‘If a shop or a person says they’re lean, they’re far from it. You’ll never be 100 percent lean. It’s about constant, continual improvement.'” Although the shops are all a bit different, they pursue commonalities by collaborating on identifying best practices and putting them into action—85 percent of the processes are standardized.

– John Magowan, Vice President, Ernie’s Auto Body,
and Member, Key Choice Collision Centers

“I’m extremely pleased to be a member of the Key Choice group because it has helped me grow my business through training programs, workshops, and networking with other member owners and managers of Key Choice. Along with deep discounts on equipment and paint materials to increase my profits, I would highly recommend any qualified shop to join the Key Choice team.”

-Key Choice Member

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